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KAILONG X-Ray Products ("RADII") warrants its X-Ray Tubes as follows:
X-Ray Tube Limited Warranty
KAILONG warrants the X-Ray Tubes it manufactures to be free from defects in material and workmanship that impair their performance and to be in substantial compliance with operational features of KAILONG’s published specifications at the time of sale. KAILONG’s warranty shall continue for the period of time specified below or as specified on KAILONG’s quotation or agreed to in writing by KAILONG.
X-Ray Tube Warranty Periods
Standard warranty periods for particular X-Ray Tubes are listed below. If no period of time is so stated or agreed, then KAILONG’s warranty is limited to thirty (30) day. Different standard or agreed warranty period may apply.
KAILONG Products Type Standard Warranty Periods
X-Ray Tubes 18 Months
Tube Housings 18 Months

If KAILONG examination confirms that any X-Ray Tube has failed during the Warranty Period through no fault of Customer, the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be according to one of the following:
Non-Prorata Period – if failure occurs during a non-prorata Warranty Period, KAILONG will, at KAILONG’s option and at no cost to Customer, either repair or replace the X-Ray Tube upon return of the failed X-Ray Tube to KAILONG. The warranty period remaining on the X-Ray Tube, at the time the tube is taken out of service, shall apply to the repaired tube or the replacement tube that is returned to the Customer by KAILONG.

X-Ray Tube Warranty Conditions
All remedies are expressly conditioned on all the following:
1.Repairs and adjustments of X-Ray Tubes must be made
(or directed in writing) by authorized KAILONG personnel only. Unauthorized repairs or adjustments will void this warranty.
2.The X-Ray Tube must have been used under normal
operating conditions within the respective kailong -specified ratings and according to KAILONG operating instructions. Misuse, abuse, or improper installation will void this warranty. KAILONG shall make the sole final determination about whether failure occurred in normal operation (under warranty) or whether the X-Ray Tube was subjected to other than normal operation (excluded from warranty).
3.Customer must give KAILONG written notice of X-Ray
Tube failure before the end of the X-Ray Tube Warranty Period, and return it prepaid to KAILONG with a completed SERVICE REPORT describing the reason for return, operating conditions, dates of installation and removal, counter readings at determine probable number of scans or hours of usage of the X-Ray Tube when no accurate records can be found. All repairs not within warranty will be invoiced at prevailing rates, but KAILONG will not begin work without Customer’s approval of charges.
Unless otherwise agreed by KAILONG, Customer shall
pay costs of shipping for X-Ray Tubes returned to KAILONG for repair or adjustment, shall be responsible for loss or damage in transit, and shall file claims for loss or damage in transit.
The Warranty Period remaining on the date KAILONG
received notice of failure shall apply to the repaired or replaced X-Ray Tube from the date of reshipment to Customer.

Exclusion of Implied Warranties
This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of and EXCLUDES all other express or implied warranties including but not limited to warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and of FITNESS for a particular purpose, use or application.
Limitations on Damages and Liability
KAILONG’s total liability in damages or otherwise shall not exceed the payment, if any, received by KAILONG for the unit of product, service or software furnished or to be furnished resulting in the loss or damage claimed, in no event shall KAILONG be liable for incidental, consequential, indirect, punitive, or special loss or damages of any kind, such as, but not limited to, lost business revenue, lost profits, of costs of downtime resulting from KAILONG products, services, of software, however caused, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), or any other legal theory. Liability to third parties for bodily injury, including death, resulting from KAILONG’s performance of Products shall be determined according to applicable law. No claims, regardless of form, arising out of, of in any way connected with Products, Software, of Services furnished by KAILONG, may be brought by Buyer more than one(1) year after the cause of action has accrued or KAILONG’s performance has been completed or terminated, whichever is earlier.

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